The high-speed door: AVT-Dynamic

The AVT-Dynamic door is a self-repairing high-speed door with flexible safety edge. When running into an object passing underneath, the AVT-Dynamic will immediately go back up. Should a vehicle collide with the doorcloth, the system will at going up zip itself back into the guides. After closing the door it can be used again normally without the intervention of a maintenance engineer, making this not only a dynamic choice but an economic one as well. The AVT-Dynamic can be used in a broad range of applications, like the Dynamic Food- Dynamic Rvs- Dynamic Frigo- Dynamic Cleanroom- Dynamic Pack or the Dynamic Mega Pack.

Highlights are :
- Self-repairing system after a collision.
- Many extension options possible to suitany application.
- Opening speed up to 2 metres per second.
- The self-supporting frame can be ordered in 5 different powder coating colours at no extra cost.
- Wind resistant.
- Frequency controlled drive.
- Maximum energy saving.

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