Replacing 9 insulated sectional doors has demonstrated energy savings of 35%.

The existing doors were certainly well insulated, however, they also had some flaws. The doors were mostly fitted with solid panels and electric control was only fitted with a dead man’s switch to close the doors. In daily use the doors often remained open, partly due to the lack of daylight and certainly due to the long time it took for opening and closing the doors. Not only was this annoying for the employees on the premises, but because the heating system was blowing much of its heat outside, the energy bill had been incredibly high for years.

By listening very well to the needs of our customer, we have resolved these problems in the following way: The new doors are fitted with 7 double glazed panels which provides for plenty of daylight inside. Furthermore, an automatic closing system is mounted so that the doors will automatically close after a pre-set time. All of this has been done according to the strictest CE regulations and equipped with safety devices like photocell/underflow/ and cable breakage protection. With proven energy savings of as much as 35%.

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