Fire retardant doors


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AVT- Fire-retardant cloth (AVT-BD)
AVT- Fire-retardant sliding doors ( AVT-BSD)
AVT- Fire-retardant roller doors (AVT-BRD)
AVT- Fire-retardant overhead doors (AVT-BOD)

All the fire doors supplied by us meet the highest standards and requirements. Below you will find a brief description of the different types of doors and the standards they comply with. High quality at competitive prices!

NEN-EN 1634-1
High fire resistance up to 120 minutes.
Very suitable for small fitting space.
Not suitable for intensive use.
Electrically operated by tubular moto
r. Economical to purchase


NEN 6069
High fire resistance up to 120 minutes (EW and EI).
Manual control and/or waiting door.
Standard with counterweight, adhesive magnet and speed limiter.
Comes in one piece, two piece or telescopic model.
Optionally fitted with escape door according to building regulations.


NEN-EN 1634-1
Highly fire resistance, up to 120 minutes (EW and EI).
Very suitable for large dimensions (96m²).
Electrically operated with many options such as an emergency battery.
Suitable for PGS-15 rooms.
Suitable as door for everyday use. AVT-BOD NEN-EN 1634-1 Fire restistance EW/E 90 – EI(1)60-EI(2)60. Very suitable as door for everyday use. Suitable for PGS-15 rooms. Electrically operated with many options. Optionally fitted with tested fluid barrier (Efectis).

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